Day Ten - Bonus photo special.

And finally....

Sadly no pink toilet on the path this year. Will a goat on a box do?

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  1. Hi Kev
    I think I've enjoyed the last 10 days almost as much as you have. What will I do without my daily fix of Dales High Way and beyond!
    My 3 highlights are:
    1) You varied the route and made it your own - it's not called "A" Dales High Way for nothing.
    2) You loved Dentdale and the Howgills almost as much as I do.
    3) The beef sandwich filching cow and the bovine rogues gallery had me laughing out loud.

    Thank you
    Chris Grogan

    1. Hi Chris,
      Glad you enjoyed the blog despite the lack of any actual useful information for anyone wanting to do the route! The route guide is fantastic, you've done a great job. Although I carried the OS maps I didn't use them at all, other than to find out what landmarks I was able to see in the wider vicinity than the guide showed. I think this walk deserves to (and will) really take off, especially with the waymarking in place.
      Thanks for the inspiration!